Surprise Move by HDLC Puts Off Landmarks Study

Friday, September 12, 2014



The Historic District Landmarks Commission was to consider Louisiana Landmarks Society’s nomination of the former Marine Hospital/New Orleans Adolescent Hospital campus site at 210 State Street for landmark study on Thursday, September 11.  Prior to the meeting, Landmarks received word that Louisiana Children’s Medical Center (LCMC), the owners, were going to request a deferral for a second time.


At the Thursday hearing, the hospital’s attorney, Justin Schmidt, informed the commission that although LCMC had been leasing the property for a time, LCMC only took ownership in February of 2014.  Schmidt stated that LCMC was in the process of working on a comprehensive master plan for all of its campuses. He requested deferral of the HDLC landmarks study for one month, at which time LCMC would release a preliminary draft of their master plan.  In an unexpected move, Commissioner Ed deMontluzin questioned whether one month would be enough time for LCMC and suggested that maybe six months might serve them better.  After some discussion, the commission voted unanimously to approve the six-month delay. 


Approval by the HDLC to study the site for landmarking would have provided the campus all of the protections of the HDLC.  In his presentation, Mr. Schmidt assured the commission that LCMC would not apply for any permits for construction or demolition prior to the landmarks study.


A more detailed account and analysis will follow in Landmarks’ October newsletter.